South Dakota Legislative Update Tuesday Feb. 14

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Tuesday, February 14


Senate Education 7:45 am

SB 85     provide for the exemption of certain students from the requirement to take certain academic assessment tests


Senate Judiciary 8am

SB 95     add cannabidiol to the list of Schedule IV controlled substances and to exclude it from the definition of marijuana.

SB 157     create an exception for possession of a certain amount of marijuana with a valid medical marijuana card from another state


Senate Commerce & Energy 10am

SB 150     establish certain provisions regarding paid maternity leave




HCR 1007    (HJ 15th LD; Deferred from 18th LD) Strengthening and expanding sister-state ties between South Dakota and Taiwan; supporting the signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and a Bilateral Investment Agreement (BIA) with the United States; and reaffirming support for increasing Taiwan’s international profile.

HB 1073*    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise and repeal certain provisions regarding gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials.
HB 1098*    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions regarding the notice requirements of county commissions in authorizing installation of utility lines along and across highways.
HB 1083    (Deferred from 21st LD) establish certain provisions for awarding grants and collecting surcharges related to the equal access to our courts fund.
HB 1118    (Deferred from 21st LD) eliminate the need to prove the use of force, fraud, or coercion in the human trafficking of minors.
HB 1101    (Deferred from 21st LD) increase the penalty for performing an abortion of an unborn child capable of feeling pain
HB 1144    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions regarding commercial driver license disqualification for refusing to submit to a chemical analysis.
HB 1150    (Deferred from 21st LD) provide for the issuance of certain hunting licenses to nonresident military veterans at the resident rate.
HB 1110    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions regarding school bus stop violations.
HB 1087*    (Deferred from 21st LD) authorize the recovery of attorney’s fees in civil actions relating to highway obstructions.
HB 1109*    (Deferred from 21st LD) create provisions for prohibiting the use of handheld electronic wireless communications devices by school bus drivers.
HB 1079*    (Deferred from 21st LD) establish certain municipal assessment provisions.
Clarify certain provisions regarding municipal assessments and the collection of delinquent fees by the county.
HB 1116    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain standards for new construction where a building code ordinance has not been adopted.
HB 1130*    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions that provide transparency and public comment for ballot measures and amendments to the Constitution.
HB 1191    (Deferred from 21st LD) require cooperation with the Division of Child Support as a condition of eligibility for the SNAP program.
HB 1106    (Deferred from 21st LD) create a leased residential property classification.
HB 1168    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions regarding nonresident waterfowl licenses.
HB 1063*    revise certain provisions relating to the payment of special assessments by the Bureau of Administration.
Repeal certain provisions relating to the payment of special assessments.
HB 1149*    revise the tax on certain telecommunication services and devices.
HB 1159*    revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of commercial breeding operations.
HB 1010*    authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the construction of the NSU Regional Science Education Center at Northern State University and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1117*    revise certain provisions regarding golf carts on state highways.

SB 65    (Fiscal Note) establish the South Dakota Board of Technical Education and to revise certain provisions regarding career and technical education and postsecondary technical institutes.
SB 14    (Deferred from 21st LD) make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and to declare an emergency.
SB 15    (Deferred from 21st LD) make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency.
SB 17*    (Deferred from 21st LD) authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the construction of a natural resources research and support facility at South Dakota State University, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
SB 18*    (Deferred from 21st LD) authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the design, renovation of, and addition to, the Stanley J. Marshall Center on the campus of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor.
SB 1*    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions of the prescription drug monitoring program.
SB 44    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise the definition of individuals with a serious emotional disturbance.
SB 49    (Deferred from 21st LD) license and regulate freestanding emergency medical care facilities.
SB 6*    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise the review process to determine the need for additional nursing facilities or nursing facility beds and to require a report to the Legislature.
        SB 59*    (Deferred from 21st LD) delay the effective date for initiated measures and referred laws.
SB 34    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise certain provisions related to securities held as unclaimed property and to declare an emergency.
SB 63    (Deferred from 21st LD) eliminate the postage administration fund and deposit fees to the general fund.
SB 7    (Deferred from 21st LD) revise the criteria for determining if property is classified as agricultural land for property tax purposes.
SB 19*    (Deferred from 21st LD) establish for the Board of Regents and its institutions a fund for the receipt and disbursement of federal grants and contracts and a fund for the receipt and disbursement of other grants and contracts and to make an appropriation therefor.


HC 1013    (HJ 21st LD) Honoring and congratulating Amanda Christensen of Mitchell, South Dakota, as a 2017 Milken Educator.
SC 22    (SJ 20th LD) Commending and honoring the 2016 Winner, Colome, and Gregory High School Championship Football Teams.



HB 1055*    revise certain provisions regarding the need for a driver license or permit to operate certain motor vehicles.

SB 138*    provide certain provisions regarding asbestos bankruptcy trust claims.
SB 113    require certain provisions to be met before distribution of the 911 emergency surcharge revenue and to revise the effective date for the sunset clause provisions that lower the 911 emergency surcharge and revise the method of distributing funds.
SJR 2    Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article XXIII, of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to amendments to the Constitution.


SC 23    (SJ 21st LD) Honoring Senator Gary Cammack and his wife Amy for receiving the Olin Sims Conservation Leadership Award in January of 2017.

SC 24    (SJ 21st LD) Commending Heather Wilson on her nomination for Secretary of the United States Air Force and honoring her service to South Dakota.
SC 25    (SJ 21st LD) Celebrating and honoring Sisseton’s 125th anniversary on April 15, 2017, and the Celebrate Sisseton 125th festivities on July 14, 15, and 16, 2017.
HC 1012    (HJ p 364) Honoring and commending Beth Kaltsulas as Yankton School District Teacher of the Year.



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