South Dakota Legislative Update Wednesday Feb. 8 Committees

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Wednesday, February 8  Committees

#calltoaction  see below


House Education 7:45 am

Good autism bill::::

HB 1133     require each school district to adopt a plan to provide for students with specific learning disabilities.
Representatives DiSanto, Ahlers, Brunner, Campbell, Clark, Frye-Mueller, Goodwin, Greenfield (Lana), Haggar, Haugaard, Heinemann, Holmes, Howard, Kaiser, Marty, May, McCleerey, McPherson, Pischke, Qualm, Rasmussen, Reed, Soli, and Wismer and Senators Russell, Greenfield (Brock), Jensen (Phil), Langer, Nelson, Stalzer, and Wiik


House State Affairs 7:45 am

#CalltoAction  ballot issue bills

SB 59*     delay the effective date for initiated measures and referred laws.
Senators White, Bolin, Cronin, Curd, Haverly, Jensen (Phil), Langer, Netherton, Partridge, Peters, Rusch, Soholt, Solano, Tidemann, and Wiik and Representatives Stevens, Chase, Glanzer, Johns, Kettwig, Lake, Mickelson, Peterson (Kent), Reed, and Steinhauer


HB 1130     revise certain provisions that provide transparency and public comment for ballot measures and amendments to the Constitution.
Representatives Haggar, Brunner, Gosch, McPherson, Peterson (Kent), Peterson (Sue), Qualm, Rhoden, and Rounds and Senators Novstrup, Ewing, Greenfield (Brock), Maher, and Wiik


HB 1074     provide for limits on certain out-of-state contributions to ballot question committees.
Representatives Gosch, Brunner, Clark, Dennert, Greenfield (Lana), Howard, Jensen (Kevin), Kettwig, Lake, Latterell, Marty, Mickelson, Otten (Herman), Pischke, Qualm, and Rasmussen and Senators Youngberg, Cronin, and Jensen (Phil)


HB 1153     revise the signature requirements for initiated measures and referred laws.
Representatives Gosch, Clark, Greenfield (Lana), Holmes, Howard, Jensen (Kevin), Kaiser, Karr, Lake, Latterell, Livermont, Marty, May, Pischke, Rasmussen, Rhoden, and Steinhauer and Senators Stalzer, Nelson, and Youngberg


House Commerce & Energy 10am

Good bill::::::

HB 1181     prohibit hydraulic fracturing.
Representatives Bordeaux, Lesmeister, Smith, and Soli and Senators Killer and Heinert


Hoghouse bill::::::

HB 1058     empower health care consumers.
Representative Anderson and Senator Partridge


House Judiciary 10am

Good bill::::
HB 1160     recover the costs of care for animals seized by law enforcement.
Representatives Howard, Ahlers, Bartels, Frye-Mueller, Gosch, Heinemann, Johnson, Karr, Pischke, Schoenfish, and Wismer and Senators Jensen (Phil), Haverly, Monroe, Partridge, Peters, and White


This is interesting:::::

HB 1145     define a no-go zone and create a procedure to manage no-go zones.
Representatives Goodwin, Campbell, Dennert, DiSanto, Greenfield (Lana), Howard, Jamison, Jensen (Kevin), Johnson, Livermont, Marty, and Rounds and Senators Russell and Nelson
More gun bills::::
HB 1154     allow certain persons with a felony conviction to apply for a concealed pistol permit.
Representatives Livermont, Gosch, Greenfield (Lana), Kaiser, Latterell, Lesmeister, Marty, and May and Senators Stalzer, Heinert, and Nelson


Senate Health and Human Services 10am

Hoghouse bill::::

SB 107     accommodate legislation on medical services.
Senator Maher and Representative Peterson (Kent)


Religious freedom bill:::::

SB 149     provide certain protections to faith-based or religious child-placement agencies.
Senator Solano and Representative Haugaard


Senate State Affairs 10am

Not sure why they want this???:::::

SB 120     repeal the Legislative Planning Committee.
Senators Peters, Bolin, Greenfield (Brock), Haverly, Maher, Monroe, Nelson, Novstrup, Otten (Ernie), and Wiik and Representatives Lust, Ahlers, Brunner, Clark, Conzet, Lake, Lesmeister, Mickelson, Otten (Herman), Peterson (Kent), Peterson (Sue), Rhoden, Rounds, Turbiville, and Willadsen
Not sure if this is replacement for IM22 or concerning EB5::::
SB 151     create a complaint procedure to resolve allegations of misconduct regarding certain public officials.
Senators Curd and Maher
SB 176     accommodate legislation relating to the protection of the public safety.
The Committee on State Affairs
EB 5 scandal:::::
SCR 8     To call for the appointment of a special prosecutor.
Senators Jensen (Phil), Kennedy, Nelson, and Russell and Representatives Brunner, Ahlers, Campbell, and Frye-Mueller
good resolution:::::
SCR 10     Recognizing South Dakota’s need to protect and preserve the clean waters of the Missouri River and expressing opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Senators Killer and Heinert and Representatives Lesmeister and Bordeaux

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