South Dakota Legislative Update Tuesday, February 7

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Tuesday, February 7


House Agriculture and Natural Resources 7:45 am

I am looking into this bill:::::: HB 1138     revise certain provisions regarding lands owned by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
Representatives Marty, Brunner, Campbell, Goodwin, Livermont, and May and Senators Jensen (Phil) and Nelson


House Taxation 7:45 am

HB 1119     lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services.
Representatives Ring, Bartling, Hawley, Lesmeister, McCleerey, Smith, and Soli and Senators Killer, Heinert, Nesiba, and Sutton

…. This is the removal of sales tax on groceries


Senate Education 7:45 am

People following Education, these look good:::::::
SB 159     provide for the continuation of the paraprofessional tuition assistance scholarship program and to make an appropriation therefor.
Senators Heinert, Frerichs, Greenfield (Brock), Killer, Langer, Maher, and Solano and Representatives Bordeaux, Bartling, Hawley, Lesmeister, Schoenfish, and Smith

SB 110     establish a tuition reimbursement program for certain teachers who teach in rural school districts.
Senators Sutton, Frerichs, Heinert, Kennedy, Killer, and Nesiba and Representatives Bartling, Ahlers, Lesmeister, McCleerey, Ring, Smith,and Wismer


Senate Judiciary 8am

Another carry bill, not sure its needed but its not awful::::::

SB 144     authorize servicemembers to carry a concealed pistol or revolver without a permit.
Senators Nelson, Cronin, Curd, Ewing, Frerichs, Greenfield (Brock), Heinert, Jensen (Phil), Killer, Klumb, Kolbeck, Langer, Maher, Monroe, Netherton, Novstrup, Otten (Ernie), Russell, Stalzer, Sutton, Tapio, Wiik, and Youngberg and Representatives Kaiser, Brunner, Campbell, Clark, Dennert, DiSanto, Frye-Mueller, Goodwin, Gosch, Howard, Jensen (Kevin), Latterell, Livermont, Marty, May, Mills, Pischke, and Qualm
Great bill for Medical Marijuana::::::
SB 157     create an exception for possession of a certain amount of marijuana with a valid medical marijuana card from another state.
Senators Nesiba, Heinert, Peters, and Sutton and Representatives Bordeaux, McCleerey, and Wismer


Senate Commerce and Energy 10am

Several Alcohol related bills


Senate 2pm


I think this has to do with IM 22::::::

SB 77*    provide for a fiscal note for any initiated measure, initiated amendment to the Constitution, or referred law that would have a fiscal impact on the state.
the hog house bill:::::

SB 106    (Removed from Consent) enhance South Dakota.


I don’t have the House floor agenda yet.

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